March Went Out Like a Lion

Afternoon pretty kitties,

Apologies for the absence in the past few weeks. March has kept me much busier than expected. Not only did I pick up another commission for Stella's Lounge, providing a window display, but another opportunity has arisen to work with Light Gallery + Studio for their Art Downtown 2017 fiber arts show in early April. Eclectic Imprint has asked me to produce another cover in the near future as well. After this post I will be updating my website with completed works. 

I'm challenging myself to think about my process more and take more in progress pictures. I'll be posting another entry soon, as I start working on my new piece for Art Downtown, and hopefully more consistent entries after that. Being an artist is hard and having the self motivation is sometimes a struggle, actually, it's always a struggle. But the reward is always worth the effort. Art has a way of healing and refocusing for me that has always drawn me to it and brought me back when I felt lost.

Until next time, stay spooky