Busy Beaver

Good Morning? Night? Hello!

Staying busy as a bee in the past week!

I found a space in First Friday's: Ctrl+Alt+Create! I will be posting the pieces early next week after the show goes up, until then look forward to the three pieces I have in the works! Finding a lot of inspiration in graphic work lately.

Picked up a new commission as well, Eclectic Imprint is releasing an EP by one if its artists and has asked me to create a cover for the album. Expect to see the project at the end of March and keep and eye on social media for sneak peeks!

I ask good vibes for your girl in the next couple weeks as well! I'm applying for a creative internship with my company and couldn't be more excited about the opportunity. They have an open call for artists so I'm sure the competition will be stiff. 

With so many projects in the works be sure to follow my social medias to keep and eye on progress. I've added a couple new sections to the side bar of the page as well. A calendar to keep track of blog updates, and a donate button where all of the proceeds go to support my projects.

Thanks for dropping in. Until next time, stay spooky