Getting the Ball Rolling

I'm finding that as I grow older I develop a pattern. Idea, sketch, concept, think tank, then repeat. I never actually pull the trigger on my projects. 

Well no longer! As I look forward to the 2017 year, me and my trusty "to-do" list notebook are going to finally start putting plans into action. Here's what to look forward to from KGoss Illustrations in 2017:

  • once (at minimum) weekly blog entries, ranging from feelings, to sketches, to WIP updates.
  • shop opening and production on patches, mugs, stickers, shirts and more
  • group shows with a new team of badass babes I've gotten together to form a collective of powerful women artists
  • secret special surprises I could tell you about, but then I would have to kill you

Looking forward to a positive and productive year. After a few miss steps and lots of personal growth, it's time to get the ball rolling and go back to what I love, creating.

Thanks for the read, follow along with my progress here and on all of my social medias (located in the menu bar).

Until next time, stay spooky